Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Few Little Details

I played around today taking some pictures of my ring and also some of the [many] glass bottles we have been collecting for the wedding. A little sneak peek of sorts...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thinking About Wedding Shoes

I've been thinking about what kind of shoe I want to wear lately. I'd always had ballerina flats in mind for a few reasons, one of course for comfort (and I'm not the most graceful gazelle in heels), and two because there's just something so classically dainty and elegant about flats. The thing about flats though is that I can't seem to find any that look special enough. So here are some fun heels that I would love to wear (click picture for sources).
wedding shoes

wedding shoes by jwednesday featuring heel pumps

These puppies are from BHLDN and would set me back $342. They are possibly my ultimate dream wedding shoe. Sigh.

Also from BHLDN, these babies run $220. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things Are Coming Along...

So. What's new in my little world of wedding planning these days? Well for one, I found out that Crate & Barrel sucks (sort of). J and I thought we would make a third and final registry there for some fancy nice things. Wrong! We only scanned twelve things in the store and within a week I'd deleted the registry entirely because everything was just crap or overly priced crap. They even gave us a free "gift" for registering which was comprised of a pink bag filled with mostly tissue paper and useless ads and an ugly little rectangular glass vase. As the guy handed it to us he said, "We're giving out a million dollar gift card in these but you probably didn't get one."

Oh, okay, thanks! As J and I walked out of the store we both said that even if we had won that million dollar Crate & Barrel shopping spree, we probably wouldn't have spent any of it.

Okay so enough about that. We've been talking to our DJ, DJ Atticus , whom I am super stoked about! It was important to us that we have an actual DJ who mixes and knows how to read a crowd as opposed to just somebody up there hitting play.

Yesterday I put in an order at Paper in the Park for our save-the-date cards! Paper in the Park is such an adorable little place and the people are great. Plus they have jars of candy. 

Aaaand finally, I'll be meeting with the flower people later this month, Local Color Flowers. I was so excited to find them! I didn't want typical floral arrangements from the typical florist. I searched and searched for a place to buy locally grown buckets of various cut flowers and found this place. And it's in Baltimore, right under my thumb! I just want to throw bunches of mismatched flowers into all of the oddball jars i've been collecting. So enough talking, next post is going to be all pictures!