Friday, November 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

Today I've just been thinking about various little details, such as cake toppers and boutonnieres (that word is tricky to spell). All of the little things that put the icing on the proverbial [wedding] cake, so to speak. Things that I will agonize over and most people will not look twice at on the day of. I think really, the only thing anyone actually cares about and remembers is the dress. And the food and the music and the flowers. 

On the home-front news, I've ordered and received one pair of potential wedding shoes (ridiculously fabulously crazy adorable wedding shoes from ModCloth), and am waiting on another pair to get here (they are coming from England!). I'm not showing pictures, it's a secret! I'm also waiting to hear from the bridal salon any time now about my first dress fitting. Something that I am semi excited about, and semi unexcited about. Trying to stick to a "wedding diet" is stressful and not going so well. This is the WORST time of year to try and shed a few pounds! Blast that pumpkin pie and whipped cream that I just ate for breakfast...

Picture time!

via At Company B

via Ready Go

via Arrow & Apple
via Baumbirdy

DIY Feather Boutonnieres via A Beautiful Mess

via The Party Fairy (ever since I saw these old-fashioned soda pop straws on Etsy probably about a year ago, I was obsessed)
via Hey YoYo

Honestly, how amazing is Etsy for every thing wedding-related?! I have found the BEST stuff on there! Do you have any favorite Etsy shops? Drop me some links in the comments!



Saturday, November 12, 2011

Invitation Inspiration

Today I've been thinking about what I want our invitations to look like. There's too many ideas bouncing around in my many colors, themes and font styles that don't seem to go together as a cohesive look. I spent some time trolling around Etsy just picking out things that I like...

via Three Eggs

via JenSimpsonDesign

via ElloThere

via Printerette Press
via Little Spark Creations

via ViaVacious Designs

via Jack and Jill Wedding

This last one is just for fun, Justin and I are both video game dorks (more so him than me). He would probably love it if I chose something like this. My mom, however, would probably HATE it (hi Mom!).
via sthblue

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Morning Musings

Good morning! Today I'm just going to make a post of wedding inspiration. Not much else happening on the home front lately. I'm about to mail out our save-the-date cards in a few days though!

First up, I have to share this video of Elsie's wedding from her amazing blog, A Beautiful Mess. As soon as I came across her blog about a month ago and saw the amazing video made at her wedding, my brain was exploding with ideas. It's exactly the kind of feel I want, completely personal, nothing is a cliche. You can tell that every little detail is a reflection of the couple themselves. It doesn't have to look like the weddings idealized in popular culture to feel like a wedding (long white dress, veil, white flowers, black suits, glimmering reception hall, steak and get the idea). Enough talk, here's the video:

Swoon, right?

And some other things... (okay, this took me a really long time to put together because I'm bad and have been saving pictures for a long time now without making a note of where I found each picture...blogging 101 right.)

1. Tree trunk cake stand via Nhu and Steve's Wedding on Love and Lavender  2. Pink Rainbow Cake via Call Me Cupcake! 3. Paper Pom-Poms, via ? 4. Cake table via Outdoor Maryland Wedding on Style Me Pretty 5. Shepherd's hook flower jars via Julie and TJ's Wedding on Love and Lavender 6. Candy table via Jamie and Jesse's Wedding on Love and Lavender 7. Vintage floral patterns via Mr. and Mrs. Murphy on Lydia Jane Photography (my friend and incredible wedding photographer!) 8. Fringe chair banners by Nice, found via A Beautiful Mess



Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just Us

A few weeks ago Justin and our four-legged daughters went out for a little photo shoot with my lovely friend Liz. The idea was sort of a joint venture, we wanted some engagement photos to submit an announcement to the newspaper, and also because Liz and I are starting up a little photography business called Big Paw Little Paw (there'll be more on that later...)



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Little Bit of Color

Actually, make that a lot of color.

I love kitschy stuff, garishly colored stuff, knick knacks from the 60s and 70s. I've discovered a newfound love for Irregular Choice shoes, they're absolutely ridiculous. Some of them have clear lucite engraved heels, which is something that a couple of years ago I would've thought was absolutely hideous. They're all in beautiful vibrant colors and full of texture and tiny little special details that make them possibly the coolest shoes ever. These are just a few of my favorites, and ones that I would like to wear in the wedding. Right now I'm really feeling those silver Marie Antoinettes at the bottom right.

Kitschy Wedding

There's something about a bride wearing oxfords that I love. Maybe it's because it feels like you've stepped right out of the 1920s, but whenever I wear my plain old brown oxfords, I feel special. They're my special shoes! As soon as I saw these pink and white beauties on Modcloth, it was l-o-v-e.

Pretty Pink Wedding