Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Update

Wedding planning has slowed down lately. I think I've gotten over that initial obsessive hype of constantly looking at wedding magazines/blogs/books/websites. My brain needs a little break when everything starts to look the same.

I've ordered a couple of fun rubber ink stamps from Green Garden Stamps on Etsy, including this one
It's so cute! I can't wait to do all kinds of fun little projects with it, such as our save-the-date cards, etc.

A few days ago Justin and I went to check out our beautiful venue, Arden Farms. It's going to be so insanely perfect, even better than I had remembered. And there is even a rope swing hanging from a big tree! A little about the farm: it belongs to my dad's boss and is sort of his retreat home (lucky guy!). My brother also works for him and has built a little cottage house on the edge of the farm and acts as sort of a caretaker. I'll be using his cottage as my getting-ready place on the big day!

Lastly, I've found a DJ that seems like a good fit, DJ Orlando Entertainment, based out of Parkville, MD. The main thing that drew me to them was that they had pretty much every song on my list on their online music catalog. I have a bunch of random stuff on there and didn't think it was possible that any DJ would even know who I was talking about. They even have Rammstein. Kudos.

I know there are probably plenty of people who cringe at the thought of wedding DJs but I really can't see Justin and I having fun and wanting to dance with a live band or musician, it's just not our style. We want to DANCE! I promise that the DJ won't be super cheesy though.

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