Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Sunday

Lately I've been going crazy collecting ideas on my Pinterest page. Gathering pictures of decor, food, bridesmaid stuff, accessories, etc. Pinterest is pretty much the best thing ever. Here's a little selection of some of my favorite things right now...

via Style Me Pretty

Justin and I want to have some lawn games at our wedding for kids (both young and old) to play. I love bean-bag tosses (I refuse to call it corn holing because that just sounds gross) and this is the cutest idea I've seen with the silhouettes painted on!

via Grey Likes Weddings

I love these felt and ribbon streamers as a ceremony backdrop! The colors are nice and bright and cheery and refreshingly different from the typical wedding color scheme.

via Arrow & Apple

Anyone who knows me knows that photography is my "thing" and I have a special place in my heart for the plastic-fantastic camera that is the Holga. The dreamy lo-fi images produced by their little plastic lenses are some of my favorites ever taken. I would love to have a bunch of Holgas lying around on tables for guests to take pictures with! However, disposable cameras may be a safer (and cheaper) bet, plus they still have the look of the plastic lens that I like.
via Style Me Pretty

I LOVE this guest book idea! I've been trying to find something unique enough to suit my tastes other than the typical and literal "guest book" or having everyone sign a big photo mat or something. This is so suited to me, having everyone write little notes on a postcard! I JUST so happen to collect vintage postcards and just so happen to have a hefty little stash of them right now. Perfect? I think so. I know that Justin and I would have fun sitting around after the wedding reading everyone's notes. And how pretty would they all look in an album or collaged on a wall?
via Style Me Pretty

I love this picture. Definitely campy but whoever said there was anything wrong with a little campiness here and there? We're getting married on a farm so this feels appropriate. Plus, I love the bride's look, her cute hair cut and headpiece is adorably 1920's looking.
via Style Me Pretty

How perfect are these flowers? My colors exactly. 

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i adore that beanbag toss idea...i believe i might just pin it for myself!

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