Saturday, April 14, 2012


21 more days to go. I'm sort of having heart attacks over here, in a good, excited way, but also in a totally overwhelmed and stressed and freaking out sort of way. I only have TWENTY-ONE more days to finalize the EVENT OF MY LIFE. There are still so many little things to get done. Last night was the first night that I actually really couldn't fall asleep because I was just lying there, THINKING about every teeny tiny little detail still to be done! It almost feels like I'm back in school again, putting off some major research paper or huge photo project. Those feelings of, "I still have so much to do, i'll do it tomorrow" are plaguing me just like they did in school. If I could just get everything done and then relax for the next twenty days, that would be a dream.

So you may be wondering just what, exactly, I am stressing over/ still have to do? Here is a brief list (in totally random order as thoughts pop into my over-excited brain):

1. Figure out some sort of table number decor.
2. Find a vest for Justin.
3. Find suspenders for all of the guys.
4. Make sure all of the guys have their pants, and a white shirt.
5. Figure out where the heck the custom ties we ordered are? Hopefully on their way asap.
6. Figure out what the do the last day of our honeymoon- i.e., purchase one more day of Disney park passes since we decided not to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
7. Find jewelry to wear. Which is dumb how stressful this is to me because I am a weird girl and never wear jewelry but I feel like you have to wear something special at your wedding. 
8. LOSE A FEW POUNDS just for good measure. Ugh.
9. Figure out a timeline for the day.
10. Once we get all of the RSVP cards back we have like a week to plan out the seating arrangements. So *nudge nudge* please send back your RSVP cards asap!
11. Figure out ceremony decor. 
etc. etc. etc.

Okay so you get the idea, the list goes on and on and on. Those are just a few things! I guess this is the first whiny post. All of the others have been all "blah blah blah I'M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS" but now this is me starting to lose my cool. But everything is going to be okay! Just have to keep in mind that all of the little things that don't get done won't matter in the long-run. 



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