Saturday, January 14, 2012

The First Dress Fitting

Well today was my first dress fitting. It wasn't so bad! I was so excited and also nervous. What if the size they ordered was too small? It was fine! I will have two more fittings after today, and then it will be all done!

Two of my three bridesmaids came with my mom and I, along with Justin's mom and his two nieces, our flower girls. It was definitely a good girly time!

I took some pictures of my dress for you all to see! (enjoy my awkward hair in the following photos)

with my beautiful flower girls

2/3 of the bridal party, Megan & Robin! (and Mom, hi mama!)

What do you think?! Do you like it?!

Also, there was a free photo booth at the bridal shop, behold:

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Allison said...

Haha I love your "dress!" :)

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