Sunday, February 5, 2012



Wow! Three months exactly. Late last summer it felt like it would take ages to get down to these last final months. I can't believe it's almost here!

Yesterday Justin's wonderful mama hosted a bridal party tea that included myself, my mom, my matron-of-honor Becky (Justin's sister) and my bridesmaids, Robin and Megan. Oh, and of course special appearances by my favorite flower girls in the whole world! We had cucumber sandwiches (yum!) which I had never before eaten and was very excited about. So English! So fancy and proper! Sitting around sipping tea and munching on dainty snacks discussing wedding plans was just what I needed.

For about the past month (literally, all of January), I've been feeling pretty under-the-weather. First I had a cold, then suffered from some weird freakish horrible lower back pain, then developed bronchitis, and now am trudging through pneumonia. It's been fun, really! It's also been difficult to stay in wedding mode and be excited and giddy like I have been. All I've wanted to do is just rest and mope and cough...lots and lots of coughing. Both Justin and I have been in the market for better jobs and I've been continuing to volunteer weekly at the SPCA. So, combine being sick and sore for a month, stressing about work etc. and planning my wedding...all of that adds up to one very over-capacitated brain! So as of today, at the three month mark, I am vowing to myself that things will only go up from here. 



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Robin said...

Don't forget the super cool napkins! We will do all the being excited for you of you need us too. Call me if you need some dinners

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