Thursday, April 5, 2012

One More Month

One more month until I marry Justin.

Is this still real?! I cannot write (or type) just how excited that I am. It's totally surreal. I hope that on May 5th I can be brought down from Cloud 9. I don't want to float away!

I've been counting down for days but for some reason when I woke up this morning, the fact that today is the one month mark did not pop into my head. Yet, when I got up, I immediately turned on episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and went to the Watters website to look at my dress because I was feeling Wedding Fever. I haven't felt that for about a month now. I had stopped looking at wedding blogs, pinning things onto my pinterest boards, obsessing over things. It had calmed down for the past month. But it's back in full force! 

In an attempt to keep myself from just sitting here and babbling on and on about how excited I am, I will share some photos from our wedding shower, which happened on March 31st. My amazing future big sis/ matron-of-honor Becky and my amazing future mother-in-law Sharon put together the entire event and it was wonderful! A room filled with amazing amazing deserts and incredibly generous loved ones- a perfect night!

My beautiful momma and I

bridesmaid Megan and I

bridesmaid Robin and I

matron-of-honor Becky and I!

We asked people to bring their wedding photos to hang up. That's my parents on the left there, my dad was apparently turning around asking the photographer if he was doing it right.

I realized the next day that I never got a photo of just Justin and I taken. Oops! I guess on May 5th we will have all the photos in the world taken of just us to make up for it. 

Later today I have my next dress fitting. It was supposed to be last Sunday but I was too sleepy and feeling yucky the day after the wedding shower. Today I am fully recovered and ready to see my beautiful gown again (and try on my killer fancy shoes too). Happy one month to go!



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