Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mrs G.

A checklist of things that I am excited about (in no particular order):

- My 25th birthday is coming up in a just a few days, the 18th. I'm not normally very excited about my birthday anymore but 25 seems like a nice age to be. Plus I'm going to see the Nutcracker which I have always wanted to do! Having a birthday so close to Christmas used to be fun when I was little, getting so many presents in the month of December! But now it's just kind of another day, sometimes things can get a little lost in all of the holiday hullaballoo. It will be nice to go do something special with all (most) of my loved ones.

- Earlier this week I got a little card in the mail from Betsy Robinson's Bridal Salon that my dress is in! It's finally time to make an appointment to go for my first fitting, something that I am excited about and also a little nervous for. I just hope it fits good!

- Justin and I got our first very own Christmas tree! It's so cute in all of its haphazard glory. We're waiting for the cats to knock it over but so far they've been very good boys. I can't wait until next Christmas when we will be a married couple!

- Finally getting started on wedding crafty things! I've been waiting till the new year to start doing all of that stuff, making little decorations and things. I can't wait!

Things that I am not exactly excited about per-say but looking forward to...

- My hair growing out. Is this a weird one? I've had some dreams recently that my hair is long again and then I wake up and it's still stuck at this awkward not-quite shoulder-length style. I want long wavy hair for my wedding, why is it growing so slow! Sometimes I think maybe I want to cut it all off again (like, ALL off), but I would probably regret it. Who knows though, I think a pixie cut would be cute with my dress.

I guess that's it for now, aside from the obvious things of being totally extremely excited about GETTING MARRIED and being MR. AND MRS. GORE. I just started a new job working with kids in an elementary school and right now of course they call me Ms. Smith. I've been thinking how cool it will be when I get to tell them all to call me Mrs. Gore. Or Mrs. G! Crazy.



a recent picture of us looking fancy for good measure

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