Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Eve Retrospective

This year I (in no particular order):

1. Got engaged to my best friend and soul mate.
2. Adopted our wonderful olde english bulldogge Grizzie from the SPCA.
3. Adopted our wonderful little grey kitty Moshi from BARCS.
4. Graduated from college with a BFA and cum laude honors.
5. Got a job at the most adorable cozy little elementary school working with great kids.
6. Started volunteering at the SPCA spending lots of time with amazing dogs and cats.
7. Saw my dad become successfully cancer-free!
8. Saw Rammstein in concert (for the second time!)
9. Turned 25.

In 2012 I will....

1. Get married to my best friend and soul mate (and get a snazzy new last name in the process!)
2. See Rammstein in concert for the THIRD time (and finally not have to drive five hours to see them).
3. Go on our honeymoon to Disneyworld, I've been dying to go to Disney for years now (haven't been since I was little)!
4. Finally move in with Justin.

And in 2012 I will hopefully...

Get my own photography business rolling, get a new camera and start photographing weddings.

2011 has been an incredible year when I think about it, it's nice to see everything written down in front of me. 2012 is going to be a life-changing year, I'm so excited for it to get here!

And now for the obligatory "year in pictures":

I learned how to knit (it's not a diaper)....and consequently forgot how to knit...

Adopted Moshi!

Saw Rammstein in New Jersey

Discovered that I enjoy documentary photography
Also discovered another new art form that I enjoy, collage
Graduated from college

Had an awesome 4th of July

Completed our family with Grizzie, our bulldog. Lola is an excellent big (little) sister.

Got engaged.

Hung out with a lot of great friends

Met so many amazing animals at the SPCA, this is Mason, one of my favorites.

Turned 25, which is a nice number to be.

See you in 2012!



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Lydia Jane said...

Crap. This post made me miss you even more.

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